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Special Combination

(Served with miso soup & salad)

Sushi Ko Bento for 1 (Chicken, beef or salmon teriyaki or shrimp tempura with Cali roll, Edamame, and Gyoza)

Exception: Beef & Chicken Teriyaki

Sushi Ko Bento for 2* (Ika & Seaweed salad, Chicken, Salmon Teriyaki, Shrimp & vegetable tempura with 5pcs of sushi, and Cali roll)

Sushi Ko Bento for 3* (Ika & Seaweed salad, Chicken, Salmon Teriyaki, shrimp & vegetable Tempura with 7pcs of sushi, California, Cucumber and Vegetable rolls, Edamame and Gyoza)

Sushi & sashimi combination for 1* (Assorted 6pcs of sushi & 7pcs of sashimi and Cali roll)

Sushi & sashimi combination for 2* (Assorted 11pcs of sushi & 13pcs of sashimi Cali roll & Salmon rolls)

New York combo for 2* (4pcs of Tuna nigiri, 4pcs of Salmon nigiri, Alaska roll, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna rolls, and 2 of Alaska hand roll)

Sushi Ko combo* (4pcs if eek nigiri, Sushi Ko, Eel rolls, and Eel hand roll)

Boston combo* (4pcs Tuna nigiri, Boston, Spicy Tuna rolls & hand roll)

Alaska combo (4pcs Salmon nigiri, Alaska, Spicy salmon rolls and hand roll)

Vegetarian combo (Vegetable Tempura, vegetable, cucumber & Avocado rolls, Seaweed salad, and edamame)

California combo (Sunny Cali, Shrimp Rolls, and Cali hand roll)

Sushi Combination*

Regular* (7 pieces + 1 California or Tuna Roll)

Deluxe A* (9 pieces + 1 California or Tuna Roll)

Deluxe B* (11 pieces + 1 California or Tuna Roll)



Fish Salad (회덮밥)*

Sake Don*

Tekka Don*

Una Don (장어덮밥)*

*These items contain row fish. Consuming row or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish escolar (white tuna), or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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