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Sushi Ko Lunch Special
(Mon-Fri / 11:00AM-2:00PM)


(Served with miso soup & salad)

B1. Shrimp tempura (Deep fried shrimp & vegetable)

B2. Unagi (Cooked freshwater eel with sauce)

B3. Chicken teriyaki (Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce)

B4. Beef teriyaki (Grilled beef with teriyaki sauce)

B5. Salmon teriyaki (Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce)

B6. Special Bento (Changed every day)

B7. Donkatsu (Deep fried breaded pork)

B8. Chicken Katsu (Deep fried breaded chicken)


(Served with miso soup & salad)

S1. Sushi combination* (6pcs assorted sushi & tuna R)

S2. Roll combination* (California, tuna*, & cucumber roll)

S3. California combination (Two rolls of California)

S4. Spicy roll combination (Spicy tuna* & spicy Cali roll)

S5. Fish Salad* (Sliced assorted fresh fish with Vegetables over rice with special sauce)

S6. Vegetarian roll combination (Vegetable, Avo, & cucumber roll)

S7. Sushi sashimi combination* (5pcs of sushi & 6pcs of sashimi, & California roll)

S8. Chirashi* (Fresh fish over sushi rice)

S9. Tuna or Salmon Don* (Sliced tuna or salmon over sushi rice)

*These items contain row fish. Consuming row or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish escolar (white tuna), or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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