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Dinner Entrees

(Served with miso soup and salad)

Beef teriyaki (Broiled New York strip with teriyaki sauce)

Chicken teriyaki (Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce)

Salmon teriyaki (Broiled fresh Alaskan salmon with teriyaki sauce)

Negima (Scallion roll with thin sliced beef broiled in teriyaki sauce)

Chicken Katsu (Deep fried breaded chicken)

Don Katsu (Deep fried breaded pork)

Squid bokeum (Stir fried squid with vegetables with special hot sauce)

Bulgogi (Thin sliced tender beef with special sauce)

Bibimbob (Selected item and vegetables in hot stone bowl Exception)

Mackerel (Broiled fresh salted mackeral)

Salmon gama 

Hamachi gama 

Chef Special Dinner

(Served with miso soup and salad / Exception: Fish salad)

Fish salad [회 덮밥]* (Sliced and assorted fresh fishes & vegetables over rice with special hot sauce)

Tekka don* (Sliced fresh tuna over Sushi rice)

Sake don* (Sliced fresh salmon over Sushi rice)

Una don [장어 덮밥] (Sliced freshwater eel over Sushi rice)

Unaju (Sliced freshwater eel over steamed rice)

Unagi kabayaki (Broiled fresh water eel with sauce)

Chirashi (Chef's selection of our fresh fish over Sushi rice)

*These items contain row fish. Consuming row or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish escolar (white tuna), or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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